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  Open non-profit documentations for information technologys.
Reliable Advanced IT Documentations.
* The platform, act. at raitds.tech is an open non-profit containing documents system regulated w/o * exception per international rules and laws in universal without exception voteable and changeable * rules setting, excepted the founder role and as the only platform/license owner and generates * finances with user data, that can be voted, a business-partners program, that cant be voted and the * optional and possible non-function breaking advertisements, that cant be voted.
* Everyone has the lawable right to use the project by the conditions here listed.
* Securing, advancing and building the efficiency of IT informations.
* Techs automaticly expand, buildings are intelligent, pharmacy develops...
* Business, privat, lively and global forcement about int. rules and laws.
* Criminal and inhuman activities result in a temp. or lifelong exclusion.
* The event of a sale of the project, any change to these rules is excluded.
* Editors have to deposit actual real personal data for official rightness.
* Articles cant be removed or deleted excepted the quality & quantity isnt good.
* The editors standard should be based on artificial intelligence compatibility level.
* The project works via the system of majority of 61% in all behaviors via the committee.
* The committee is up to 35 partys large with a maximum of 150 members to vote by the users.
* Only partys of the committee vote(s) must be in the final result 5,0% from 100% or the party
* is closed for the current committee participation.
* Users-vote presupposes the user(s) have deposit and checked the real personal data.
* Every committee member must deposit w/o exception a copy of the own personal id card.
* Project founder-role is a processes spectator/correcter and not a member of the committee.
* raitds.tech is a Open model by unexceptional the conditions here.
* Votes are the conflict solution via the committee and users via the committee over the users.
* The international network building by justical/political state of art.
* Client-software solutions, web-solutions and technological mail services.
* Secure proved + full copy of id card, you can get an mode42.one mail account.
* Mode42.one mail accounts only for technological developments and matters.
* Mode42.one cant transfer offical documents, excepted for justical/political works.
* This platform without any exception project-long under this terms and rules.
* Advertisements in a non-function breaking type is possible and optionaly.
* The rules and terms will expanded from time to time, after the conditions listed here.
* Enhancements of the platform is thing of the conditions here listed without any exception.
* Mode42.one has no right to decide against the majority of 61%, except in the only * special case the facts are on his side and must be published & voted openly from both sides.
* There is a Mode42.one business-partners program with contracted payments to include the, * platform directly into the own company/concern. Institutions and health companys/concerns * are free of cost, rest pay per net-profit monthly 20% of directly saved capital by invariable * raitds use to Mode42.one directly.
* By the way of 500 entire articles, the system goes into production state.
* This rules cant be changed for plausibility in a most important part of IT-Tech.
* All documentations for all times, by world wide human and technological works. ©Mode42.one